Training On Vacation Is Hard

I’ve been on vacation for less than 24 hours and my Paris Marathon training is already discombobulated. I was scheduled for sprints yesterday that I couldn’t find time for amidst work and packing. Today was a rest day and I went on a four mile fun run with my dad because he asked so nicely. Then there’s tomorrow. I’m due for twelve miles while I’m with my family at Disney.

Training on vacation is hard. For tomorrow’s long run, which I consider non-negotiable, I had to broker a backroom deal with my mom—she set the military-like itinerary for our family Disney road trip—to carve out the two hours I need to get it in. There’s also the fact that we’re going to be walking all day today and tomorrow in the parks so my legs will be tired. Oh, and we’re going to Mickey’s Christmas Party tonight so I won’t be getting into bed early.

Tomorrow morning won’t be easy. Heck, the next two weeks of vacation are going to be a challenge for my training. But I’m coming to terms with it and instead of wallowing in what I can’t do, I am going to find the flexibility in my travels to do what I can. This morning’s run, while not marathon training material, was a good start. (And, even though the route is mega boring, my dad and I had a great conversation that made it pass quickly!)


One thought on “Training On Vacation Is Hard

  1. Roy says:

    Every run cannot be a PR. There are no such things as junk miles if you know the purpose of your workout. A nice slow run is a great way to recover from previous difficult run, such as a run where you hit the wall. The biggest challenge of the holidays is preventing yourself from eating too much. The miles may vary during family time and that is ok. Get lots of rest, enjoy the family, and I will be looking for you in a few weeks running Miami Beach. When I see you after the holidays I will challenge you to a little race just for fun, and to get back into hard workouts.


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