Paris Marathon Training Log: Tempo Run, December 19 2017

I was due for a tempo run yesterday…then work got in the way. (Why is it every week before I take vacation the sky starts falling?) Luckily, last night I went out for a drink with my friend Joah who is in town and because he’s a runner, we decided to meet up this morning for a sunrise 6-miler.

If it hadn’t been for Joah, I would not have gotten up at 6 a.m. Even on weekend long run days, I have a really hard time getting out of bed early to go running because my cozy bed is so much more appealing. It was definitely the case this morning, but I got up because I knew Joah was waiting downstairs. Three cheers to him for keeping me accountable!

Our run wasn’t the fastest. It took us about three miles to find our groove as running partners, averaging between 11 minutes to 10 minutes per mile. It didn’t help that the Venetian Causeway bridges are Kate Moss thin and hard to navigate with two people. Nevertheless, we were able to pick it up at mile 4 and we finished mile 6 at an 8:50 min/mi pace. Either way, the run was a win: 1. Because we showed up, 2. Because the company was great, and 3. Because we caught a killer sunrise. (How stunning is the photo Joah took on the Venetian Causeway on the way back?)


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